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 The FUNKIEST, most uplifting fitness class around! FACT!

Funky Pump is an award winning fitness concept that combines fitness with house music in a unique nightclub style setting! With live DJ's banging out sets while qualified instructors take you through your paces there really is no other class like it!

You can work as hard or as little as you want! It's DARK (so no one can see you), its LOUD (so no one can hear you) and its BUSY (so know one else cares what you're doing) so you can relax and enjoy the music that will carry you through the class! Just listen to the combinations and throw those punches!

If you haven't already sampled the Funky Pump experience - NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

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Christmas Timetable, The Ware-House Swansea 15th December - 3rd January Xmas1    Xmas2 Xmas3   Timetable will return to normal on Monday 5th January            
Guerrilla Fitness Challenge Funds Christmas Treat for Swansea Young Single Homeless Project   GFitChallenge Ware-House   Swansea’s toughest Fitness Challenge made a return with an extra special winter workout to raise money for the Swansea Young Single Homeless Project. Sunday morning’s beastly Challenge kicked off in the early hours at Funky Pump’s headquarters, The Ware-House Gym on Northampton Lane, and finished with circuit runs up Constitution Hill. Known for providing tough and effective fitness classes with an incredible 1200 calorie burn, our nightclub inspired Funky Pump Fitness company create rewarding fitness regimes designed to test all ages and fitness levels.   This Challenge was particularly rewarding for all involved as each contestant helped to raise £317 to fund a special day out as a Christmas treat for the Swansea Young Single Homeless Project. The Project supports young people aged 16 to 25 years old who are homeless and helps them find permanent accommodation in order to live independently. Funky Pump owner and event organiser Chris Ware said “In the run up to Christmas, people usually lose sight of their fitness goals and wait until the New Year to start their training. However, our Guerrilla Fitness Challenge saw a large number of people from the community work together, braving the cold winter weather to help raise money for a great cause.” “We constantly push the mind-set that this is a challenge, not a race and each participant took this on board, making it a rewarding experience for all involved.” “Everybody gave it their all and they should be extremely proud of their hard work.”  You can check out all the Challenge photos here       
WCB Dec 13th Brangwyn Hall Swansea’s most glamorous black tie event is back and is set to be a knockout this party season in one of the city’s prime cultural venues. Novice boxers will be given the once in a lifetime opportunity to lace up their gloves and compete in the popular White Collar Boxing event in Swansea’s famous Brangwyn Hall. The event will be held within the prestigious venue for the first time on Saturday 13th December. The Swansea based Funky Pump Fitness franchise which operates out of The Ware-House gym, Northampton Lane have been running the White Collar Boxing shows for the past five years. The black tie event which is billed as ‘the most glamorous night in Swansea’ pits novice boxers from all walks of life against each other in 3 x 2 minute round boxing matches. Since the launch of the Funky Pump White Collar Boxing shows in 2009, the events have attracted thousands of attendees, raising hundreds of pounds for Funky Pump’s nominated charity, the British Heart Foundation. This upcoming event has similar high expectations as it provides the perfect location to celebrate annual Christmas parties with table bookings of £500 for 10 people within the impressive Brangwyn Hall. Funky Pump Fitness Owner Chris Ware expresses his enthusiasm for the December show and highlights how the use of the Brangwyn Hall will attract a greater variety of people to enjoy what the event and venue has to offer. He said “We are very privileged to be able to use such an incredible venue to hold our next WCB show. With the party season coming up, it’s going to be the perfect event and location to celebrate all those Christmas parties!” “We are looking to have a packed show with some exciting new talent. This experience will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for our novice boxers to compete in such a prestigious setting.” “Everyone is extremely excited about this event and it is sure to be an experience which our boxers will never forget.” There will be a party prior to the event at the brand new No.6 Bar opening on Princess Way and then an after party at Fancy a Rum? nightclub on Little Wind Street. Table bookings are now being accepted and tickets will be on sale soon at The Ware-House gym Swansea for £20 - £25 each. Any enquiries please contact The Ware-House gym Swansea on 01792 448958 or contact Funky Pump Fitness online.
It may already be October but we are ending 2014 with a bang with not one but TWO Guerrilla fitness challenges to round off the year! Ammanford Challenge
After the success of this summer's Ammanford challenge we will be returning to the area on Sunday November 9th. The challenge will be commencing at  the new Ammanford venue - Primal Strength and Fitness before again using the local area to put test our pumpers physical and mental fitness with a series of fitness drills!

Swansea Challenge
Although many of our participants are recovering from the September challenge and it's sea runs, the Guerrilla Fitness Challenge will be rounding off the year on Sunday December 7th! Kicking off from The Ware-house Swansea,the winter challenges are always the toughest with the cold weather challenging even the toughest pumpers!   As with all our challenges we keep to the motto "It's a CHALLENGE not a race!" Make sure to attend our bootcamps to get prepared for whats ahead and keep a look out on Facebook and Twitter for challenge details!        


Swansea Pumper Laura had tried fitness DVDs and regular gyms to lose weight but found nothing was working, until she discovered Funky Pump and has since lost 2 stone!     
Swansea Pumper Marc Jones is one of the few that has stuck to his New Years resolution to get fit and lose weight and with the help of Funky Pump has already lost over FOUR STONE! Read Marcs Success Story
From being out of breath walking up the stairs to sweating it out 4/5 times a week at Funky Pump Ammanford, Alana has lost an amazing 4.5 STONE in the last year improving her fitness, health and lifestyle and is aiming for even bigger challenges in the new year... Read Alanas Success Story 
Swansea Pumper Shaun was a regular at the gym but shyed away from cardio work. Here he tells us how he didn't see real results until he decided to try something new...   Read more...
  Since becoming a regular member of Funky Pump Ammanford Laura has lost over 3 stone and this change has improved not only her appearance but her fitness and, most importantly, her health too... Read Laura's story Read more...
Swansea Pumper April has lost over 2 stone and completely transformed her body shape in just a few months. She is now well on the way to achieving her ideal body. Read Aprils Success Story
Ammanford Pumper Claire has lost 2 stone in just a few months since joining Funky Pump but thats not the only improvement it's made to her life. Here she tells us about her journey!   Read more...
Pumpers in all our locations will be familiar with Dj Dai Williams from seeing him behind the decks during classes but many aren't aware that despite his knack of encouraging other people to train, Dai has put in a lot of hard work himself over the last few years...   Read more...
 Swansea pumper Jonny was unhappy with his size and fitness then the oppurtunity to compete in Funky Pump White Collar boxing show presented itself...   Read more...

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