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The FUNKIEST, most uplifting fitness class around! FACT! )



Funky Pump combines fitness with house music in a unique nightclub style setting! With live DJ's banging out sets while qualified instructors take you through your paces there really is no other class like it!

The atmosphere is electric with DJs winding the class up to explode on the bags as the tunes drop in from way up there!

You can work as hard or as little as you want! It's DARK (so no one can see you), its LOUD (so no one can hear you) and its BUSY (so know one else cares what you're doing) so you can relax and enjoy the music that will carry you through the class! Just listen to the combinations and throw those punches!

If you haven't already sampled the Funky Pump experience - NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

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It was a victory for the Blue team with 7 of the 8 victories! ***Results*** Idris  VS  Dai Godwin (W)   Marcus  VS  Mike Pafirtt (W)
Steven Giles VS  Andrew Goosey (D)
Jason Nailor  VS Ray Rahat  (D) Ernie VS Ross Huddson (D) (W) Ben O'callahan VS Jamie Griffiths 
Luke Davies  VS Dean O'Brien (W)
Ben Adams  VS Ryan Locke (W)
Dave Smith  VS Steve Semmens (W)
Ian llewellyn  VS Lee Gorvett (W)
           John Francis  VS Lee Ward (W)
Success Story of the year 2013...
Funky Pump Ammanford!
Whilst 2013 has been an amazing year for Funky Pump in general, none of our locations has come quite as far in a short time as Funky Pump Ammanford!   Starting off in 2011, classes ran a couple of nights a week in The Tycoch nightclub with just a few pumpers But in 2013 things really started to take off! The increasing numbers led to the team acquiring their own premises in July and have gone from strength to strength ever since! The ever increasing amount of Ammanford pumpers are now hitting it hard 5 days a week with bag classes, bootcamps, TRX, Kids classes and of course the original Funky Pump class! What seems to make Funky Pump Ammanford so special is that it has gone beyond being just an exercise class to become a community. For such a small area their dedication to training and their 'Funky family' spirit rivals some of our larger, more established venues and has produced some of this years best Funky Pump success stories!     Our very own Superwoman!
The success of Funky Pump Ammanford can be largely attributed to Hayley Phillips Harris! A long time pumper herself, Hayley took charge in early 2013 and has since completely transformed the franchise with her amazing personality, hard work, creative (and some times crazy) ideas and general love of all things Funky Pump! A wife and mother of two with a full time job, Hayley works tirelessly to ensure everyone has the best exercise experience possible and when she's not training herself she's giving encouragement to the crowd, even turning up in her Pjs to throw in a few whoops and bring up the atmosphere! Hayleys mother figure role, constant support and legendary coffee making skills have made her a firm favourite amongst staff and pumpers!
  Don't just take our word for it! Here are just a few testimonials from the Funky Family.....  Funky Pump Founder Chris Ware says
"What Hayleys managed to do in Ammanford this year has been nothing short of amazing. For a small town like Ammanford, the Funky Pump buzz is so massive and thats largely down to Hayleys welcoming personality, her undying passion for getting people involved in exercise and making them realise fitness can be fun! Hayleys managed to create a unique family feeling in Ammanford where the members really feel like they're part of something. I wish I could have someone like Hayley in every Funky Pump venue and can't wait to see what she's hot in store in 2014!"
Calling all mums! (and maybe dads!?) We know that for a new parent, finding time to do anything is a struggle never mind finding time to keep fit and work off those last few baby body pounds! With childcare being a major issue in stopping new mums from training we're introducing our newest class...         'Buggy Blast'  A class designed for parents with small children, bring the kids along and get a full, effective, all over workout, either inside the gym or in an outdoor location...with no babysitter required!  Classes will be every Tuesday & Thursday 10:45 and Saturday 11:45!     First session FREE so why not give it a go!?   


Swansea Pumper Laura had tried fitness DVDs and regular gyms to lose weight but found nothing was working, until she discovered Funky Pump and has since lost 2 stone!     
From being out of breath walking up the stairs to sweating it out 4/5 times a week at Funky Pump Ammanford, Alana has lost an amazing 4.5 STONE in the last year improving her fitness, health and lifestyle and is aiming for even bigger challenges in the new year...
Swansea Pumper Shaun was a regular at the gym but shyed away from cardio work. Here he tells us how he didn't see real results until he decided to try something new...   Read more...
  Since becoming a regular member of Funky Pump Ammanford Laura has lost over 3 stone and this change has improved not only her appearance but her fitness and, most importantly, her health too... Read more...
Swansea Pumper April has lost over 2 stone and completely transformed her body shape in just a few months. She is now well on the way to achieving her ideal body. Here she tells us just what it takes...               Read More
Ammanford Pumper Claire has lost 2 stone in just a few months since joining Funky Pump but thats not the only improvement it's made to her life. Here she tells us about her journey!   Read more...
Pumpers in all our locations will be familiar with Dj Dai Williams from seeing him behind the decks during classes but many aren't aware that despite his knack of encouraging other people to train, Dai has put in a lot of hard work himself over the last few years...   Read more...
 Swansea pumper Jonny was unhappy with his size and fitness then the oppurtunity to compete in Funky Pump White Collar boxing show presented itself...   Read more...

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