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 The FUNKIEST, most uplifting fitness class around! FACT!

Funky Pump is an award winning fitness concept that combines fitness with house music in a unique nightclub style setting! With live DJ's banging out sets while qualified instructors take you through your paces there really is no other class like it!

You can work as hard or as little as you want! It's DARK (so no one can see you), its LOUD (so no one can hear you) and its BUSY (so know one else cares what you're doing) so you can relax and enjoy the music that will carry you through the class! Just listen to the combinations and throw those punches!

If you haven't already sampled the Funky Pump experience - NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

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It may already be October but we are ending 2014 with a bang with not one but TWO Guerrilla fitness challenges to round off the year! Ammanford Challenge
After the success of this summer's Ammanford challenge we will be returning to the area on Sunday November 9th. The challenge will be commencing at  the new Ammanford venue - Primal Strength and Fitness before again using the local area to put test our pumpers physical and mental fitness with a series of fitness drills!

Swansea Challenge
Although many of our participants are recovering from the September challenge and it's sea runs, the Guerrilla Fitness Challenge will be rounding off the year on Sunday December 7th! Kicking off from The Ware-house Swansea,the winter challenges are always the toughest with the cold weather challenging even the toughest pumpers!   As with all our challenges we keep to the motto "It's a CHALLENGE not a race!" Make sure to attend our bootcamps to get prepared for whats ahead and keep a look out on Facebook and Twitter for challenge details!        
The old saying goes that ‘life begins at 40’ and with more and more people of middle age resolving to take up a healthy lifestyle The Ware-house Swansea has catered to their needs with the launch of their latest class! The new ‘40+ Boxing Drills’ class launched at the gym this week is aimed specifically at over 40’s and is the perfect way for people of a certain age to reintroduce themselves to fitness or to discover it for the first time. The class combines boxing skills with fitness and conditioning drills to give an all over workout which allows members to get an introduction to boxing techniques and get fit. Boxing Drills runs every Monday and Wednesday evening 7:15pm and is run by former professional boxer John Kaighin who says “The class is perfect for those who are maybe a bit older but still want to get into exercise, get fit and learn some new skills – It’s never too late to try something new. More and more people over 40 want to get fit– it’s not just for the younger generation anymore, you see 60 year olds running marathons these days! But for some it’s a case of not knowing where to start which is why this class is suitable for them” The Ware-house gym, based in Northampton Lane is well known in the Swansea fitness scene for being home to the popular Funky Pump Fitness classes as well as an amateur boxing gym and a diverse class timetable catering for all ages – from children aged 5 to old age pensioners. This mix of classes has not gone unnoticed as the gym has recently been shortlisted for a prestigious National Fitness Award in the group exercise category. Gym General Manager Steve Ware said: “The range of classes at the gym is definitely a big selling point, including the fact that we cater for all ages and situations. Fitness is such a big industry nowadays. I’m noticing the people coming into the gym are starting younger and keeping it up well into their 60’s in some cases! Here at the Ware-house we have everything from children’s classes, classes for parents to bring their children along and much more. It’s definitely a big community feel and that’s what makes us different from the rest. I’m definitely going to be giving this new class a go!”
  The most glamorous night of the year is back! Funky Pump will once again be giving novice boxers the chance to lace up their gloves and compete in a White Collar Boxing show in Swansea’s newest nightclub – Fiction - on October 25th!
We've been running the White Collar Boxing shows for the past five years. The black tie event shows – billed as ‘The most glamorous night in Swansea’, pit novice boxers from all walks of life against each other in 3x2 minute round boxing matches. Previous events have attracted thousands of attendees and have raised hundreds of pounds for Funky Pump’s nominated charity The British Heart Foundation. The ‘White Collar Boxing’ concept has become popular all over the UK in the last few years –giving the average ‘White collar worker’ with little or no previous boxing experience the chance to train and compete. Since the launch of the Funky Pump White Collar Boxing shows in 2009, the events have been held at the Oceana nightclub on Swansea’s Kingsway. However, with the club’s closure earlier this year it was time to find an exciting, new venue to host the shows. The home of WCB will now be the brand new ‘Fiction & MYU’ Nightclub (formerly Odyssey) which will be opening on Little Wind St on September 26th – with the show just 3 weeks later. Funky Pump Fitness Owner Chris Ware is hoping that the change in venue will add a new dynamic to the show. He said of the event: “After the closure of Oceana it’s exciting to be holding the WCB at a new venue and we felt Fiction would be the perfect location! It’s in a great spot just on Wind St and what better way to introduce a new club to the city than holding one of the most popular events in Swansea there! We’re looking to host the show here in October and another In December. We’ve just launched our own WBA approved Amateur boxing club – Ware-house ABC at the gym so will hopefully have a packed show with some exciting new talent. It’s a chance and a challenge for anyone who fancies a shot at boxing to train for a once in a lifetime experience and something extremely rewarding” Anyone looking to compete in the show should contact The Ware-house gym Swansea on 01792 448958  
We are please to announce The Ware-House, Northampton Lane – home of Swansea’s Funky Pump Fitness classes has been shortlisted for a prestigious fitness industry award, beating off strong competition to make the finals. The gym has been shortlisted in the ‘Group Exercise’ category at the National Fitness Awards, an annual event which recognizes excellence and achievement in gyms throughout the country.   The homegrown fitness brand which combines high intensity exercise in a nightclub setting was established in a Swansea nightclub in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength with 7 franchises across the UK and two ‘Ware-House’ gyms. The brand is on a winning streak after recently being named ‘Best Fitness Facility’ at the Swansea Lifestyle Awards this summer and hopes to follow   The awards are organized by leading fitness industry magazine Workout, with support from headline sponsor ServiceSport, and in each category up to seven finalists have been selected, who will now go through to the next stage of the judging process where they will be out to impress by showcasing first-hand the great work going on in their clubs.
This stage involves a visit to each finalist by a member of the Workout team who will take a look around the facilities and chat to members and staff before compiling a comprehensive report, which will then be passed on to an expert judging panel to decide the Trophies will then be handed out a glittering awards ceremony on Friday November 28 at The Athena in Leicester, which will be hosted by boxing world champion Ricky Hatton and top TV presenter and fitness expert Caroline Pearce.   Funky Pump Fitness founder and trainer Chris Ware said: “It’s an honour to have been shortlisted for the awards and we are feeling very positive about our chances of winning. We’ve had a great few years where I’ve watched Funky Pump evolve from a small class to the elite Fitness brand it is today – winning a National Fitness Award would be the perfect way to top it off! The staff are the best, most dedicated trainers out there and where we are today is a team effort. Our members are so supportive and always give 100% to the classes.. We can’t wait for the award ceremony."   National Fitness Awards’ director Judith Halkerston said: "Considering the high number and calibre of entries, it is a huge achievement to be one of just a handful of shortlisted gyms in your category and each and every one of our finalists should be congratulated  "The next step will be for our team to visit every facility that has made the shortlist – it means travelling thousands of miles but is a great way to see just what fantastic work is going on every day within the health and fitness industry."


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