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 The FUNKIEST, most uplifting fitness class around! FACT!

Funky Pump is an award winning fitness concept that combines fitness with house music in a unique nightclub style setting! With live DJ's banging out sets while qualified instructors take you through your paces there really is no other class like it!

You can work as hard or as little as you want! It's DARK (so no one can see you), its LOUD (so no one can hear you) and its BUSY (so know one else cares what you're doing) so you can relax and enjoy the music that will carry you through the class! Just listen to the combinations and throw those punches!

If you haven't already sampled the Funky Pump experience - NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!

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Healthy Snacking

ID-100277152 Snacking is perceived by many as a sin, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. When we are hungry our body is telling us that we need more fuel. This hunger can be a dieter’s worst nightmare, but it still shouldn’t be ignored. If your car’s petrol gauge was in the red, you certainly wouldn’t ignore that would you? Food is our very own fuel which gets turned into energy and is needed for us to do even the simplest of things. Our body would simply not function without it. Our lifestyle choices can make a great impact on our health and what we choose to eat plays a crucial contributory role. This is why when we do decide to snack between meals we should choose something healthy. After all, it would be a shame to waste all that hard work you have done at the gym. Here are a few healthy yet tasty alternative snacks which are a sure fire way to help you get through your day:   A Boiled Egg Boiled eggs are highly nutritional and are an easy snack to take with you to work. Not only are eggs cheap but they are also full of protein and vitamins and minerals, making them the daddy of all snacks. Homemade Popcorn Popcorn could be your healthier, lower calorie alternative to crisps, especially if it’s dry popped in hot air as there are no oils, fats or sugars added to it. Beef Jerky Thought by some to be unhealthy, beef jerky can actually be beneficial as a snack if made from all-natural ingredients and consumed in the correct quantity. It is high in protein and doesn’t raise your level of insulin, which makes it the perfect snack for all you regular gym goers trying to lose weight. Raw Vegetables and a Small Pot of Houmous A great way of getting some of your five a day is by cutting up carrots, cucumbers or red peppers and using them as a snack to munch on during the day. You can also use them to scoop into a small pot of houmous which is a great source of fibre. Greek Yoghurt Yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium but non-fat Greek yoghurt takes the biscuit when it comes to healthy snacking. This thicker, creamier yoghurt is lower in lactose and contains twice the amount of protein as regular yoghurts. A great snacking tip is to dunk berries of your choice one at a time into Greek yoghurt and place onto a baking sheet in the freezer for about an hour. Nuts If you are a picker and like the satisfaction of a crunch to your snack, then a mixture of nuts can do the trick. Nuts are full of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals, but consumption of a large amount can still be calorific. The ones with the lowest amount of calories include almonds, cashews and pistachios.   As you can see, snacking doesn’t necessarily mean a cheeky chocolate bar at your desk. You can still snack healthy and if hungry, it is even encouraged! We would definitely recommend planning your snacks in advance because then you can prepare two or three 150 calorie nibbles a day which will satisfy your hunger without encroaching on your healthy lifestyle.
Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Always Feeling Hungry       ID-10044210   The constant feeling of hunger can be frustrating for those who are dieting and keen to lose weight. It can cause people who have stuck to a healthy regime to lapse and give into those vending machine chocolate bars. 
Several reasons for why some experience this persistent hunger include:   1)      Stress and anxiety Sometimes stress or built up tension can cause over eating or a growing feeling of hunger. When stressed, the brain releases a hormone which can suppress appetite. However, if this tension persists then adrenal glands can release another hormone which increases appetite and give the feeling of excessive hunger. 2)      Alcohol According to an American study, drinking alcohol releases a hormone which can make you feel hungry… but to be honest, I don’t think any of us needed a study to tell us this. Everyone has suffered a case of the munchies after a few glasses of wine or pints of lager and this can play havoc to a healthy diet plan. 3)      Exercise Hunger levels post-workout vary in different types of people. Some may feel starving after exercise whereas some will not feel the urge to eat at all. The intensity of a training session has been said to play a key role in this as those who participate in more intense workouts appear to be less interested in food after exercise. 4)      Lack of nutrition Your meals may not be substantial enough and lacking in key nutrients which may be causing you to feel hungry during the day. A lack of protein and fat in your diet will have this effect, even soon after a meal. 5)      Recovery from an illness Sometimes when you feel unwell, a loss of appetite is not uncommon and many people as a result fail to consume the calories and nutrients needed to keep fit and healthy. As a result, part of the recovery from an illness could be increased hunger in order to compensate for the lack of food and to help the body and person to regain strength. 6)      Dehydration Surprisingly, a lot of people mistake hunger for thirst and end up snacking when all they need is a glass of water. Another sign of dehydration can be drowsiness and this can lead to hunger as your body thinks it needs food for energy. 7)      Boredom We have all been there, sitting watching TV and boredom kicks in, so the first thing we think of is food. These cravings can sometimes be all in the mind and your body doesn’t necessarily need any food at that time. Physical signs of hunger would be a rumbling stomach, a headache or you may find it difficult to concentrate. 8)      Lack of sleep Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can release hormones which lower levels of fullness and also increase levels of hunger. This is not a good combination for people who are looking to lose weight and can be frustrating for those trying to keep to a healthy diet. 9)      Emotional connections A lot of people link certain emotions with eating, just think Bridget Jones and chocolate. Some find that sadness makes people hungry and make them reach for the biscuit jar whereas some find that anger can trigger cravings. 10)  Medical conditions Sometimes underlying medical conditions can be the reason behind excessive hunger such as diabetes, hypoglycaemia, depression and some genetic disorders which are best dealt with by your GP. Pregnancy is also a well-known reason for increased hunger and certain medications can have the same side effect.   Some of these reasons are best consulted with a GP and may be dealt with medically, however, some are due to the lifestyle choices that you make and you are the only one who can solve these. If this is the case, then maybe it is time to make some changes and consider ways in which you can overcome any of these problems within your life.     Image courtesy of Ambro at
Christmas Timetable, The Ware-House Swansea 15th December - 3rd January Xmas1    Xmas2 Xmas3   Timetable will return to normal on Monday 5th January            
Guerrilla Fitness Challenge Funds Christmas Treat for Swansea Young Single Homeless Project   GFitChallenge Ware-House   Swansea’s toughest Fitness Challenge made a return with an extra special winter workout to raise money for the Swansea Young Single Homeless Project. Sunday morning’s beastly Challenge kicked off in the early hours at Funky Pump’s headquarters, The Ware-House Gym on Northampton Lane, and finished with circuit runs up Constitution Hill. Known for providing tough and effective fitness classes with an incredible 1200 calorie burn, our nightclub inspired Funky Pump Fitness company create rewarding fitness regimes designed to test all ages and fitness levels.   This Challenge was particularly rewarding for all involved as each contestant helped to raise £317 to fund a special day out as a Christmas treat for the Swansea Young Single Homeless Project. The Project supports young people aged 16 to 25 years old who are homeless and helps them find permanent accommodation in order to live independently. Funky Pump owner and event organiser Chris Ware said “In the run up to Christmas, people usually lose sight of their fitness goals and wait until the New Year to start their training. However, our Guerrilla Fitness Challenge saw a large number of people from the community work together, braving the cold winter weather to help raise money for a great cause.” “We constantly push the mind-set that this is a challenge, not a race and each participant took this on board, making it a rewarding experience for all involved.” “Everybody gave it their all and they should be extremely proud of their hard work.”  You can check out all the Challenge photos here       


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